Make Arma Not War


by TechTeamA3

SpyVsGuard is a Team vs Team based gameplay. There are 2 teams each with there own objective. The spy's have the objective to Steal or kill what ever the Guards are protecting. So of course the objective for the guards is to protect what ever the spy's need to take or kill.


In this gamemode we focus on team vs team action where the players can choose from several Scenarios can variat from stealing documents to killing important persons and many more

  • Destroy 
  • Steal
  • Assassinate
  • Search (In this scenario both teams need to find something in a area and 1 team will have an advantage of knowing where it is and the other team will have a advantage of controlling the area.)

^Both teams can deside what they would like to play^

For now we will focus on these scenarios but later on we will of course try to make many more.

Also the teams can choose their way of approach like

  • Stealth 
  • Chaos
  • Infiltrate (Arma 3 gives us a perfect opportunity to infiltrate in the other team by stealing their clothing so we will that that as a advantage.)

^Counts only for the Spy's ^


Some futures we will add to the gameplay

  • Turn alarm systems on/off.
  • Sabotage power sources 
  • Selecting several scenarios 

And many more.

More info soon

We will upload a demo mission as soon as possible

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