Make Arma Not War


If you’d like to apply for the Make Arma Not War contest, be sure to read through our contest rules. Here you can find more information about the prizes, categories, deadlines, and more.

Prague, 27th November, 2014

BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE a.s. in accordance with Sections 847-849, Act N°40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as amended, announces a CONTEST “MAKE ARMA NOT WAR” and issues the following binding rules.


  • The contest is announced by BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE a.s., residing at Stříbrná Lhota 747, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section B, insert 9791 (Id.No.: 272 18 864, DIČ: CZ 272 18 864). Authorized representative of the Organizer: Ota Vrťátko, tel.: +420 910 059 266, e-mail: (further as the "Organizer").
  • This contest is sponsored by Bohemia Interactive, a.s., with its registered office at Stříbrná Lhota 747, Mníšek pod Brdy, Czech republic (further as "Sponsor"), with the participation of The International Committee of the Red Cross, residing in Avenue de la Paix 19, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland (further as "ICRC").

Object of the Contest and Categories

  • The Object of this Contest is to create an original content modification to the PC game Arma 3; all that in compliance with the rules specified in each individual category.
  • Pursuant to the range of participants, the Contest is announced as public. The Contest will be publicly announced at the official website of the Organizer (i.e., and on the website of the PC game Arma 3 ( and on the official Contest Website (, further in the Contest Rules as “Contest Website”). After the final decision of the jury, the results of the Contest will be announced on the above listed websites in the same manner as the launch of this Contest. Each winner will receive an official e-mail message with information about their placement and the prize at the contact address given in the registration.

The Contest is open in the following categories:

  • Total Modification
  • Multiplayer Game Mode
  • Addon
  • Singleplayer Game Mode

Terms of the Contest

  • The Contest is announced on 5th December 2013.
  • The specific dates for registration and then subsequently Submission of Entries will be announced at a later date on the Contest website.
  • Submission of Entries will be closed on 28th October 2014 at 12am (GMT+1).
  • The Winners of the Competition will be announced on 5th March 2015.

Participants and Rules of Entry

The Contest can be entered by individuals or legal entities or their associations, provided that they comply with the following rules:

  • they did not participate in the defining of the object of this Contest or of its announcement,
  • they are not employees of the Organizer,
  • they are not members or alternates of the Jury of this Contest,
  • they are not spouses, relatives, permanent project partners, direct superiors or co-workers of persons who participated in the development of the PC game Arma 3 and/or in the announcement of this Contest or who are proper members or alternate members of the jury of this Contest,
  • and they duly meet all the rules of this Contest.

Legal age:

Open to all participants over 16 years of age. In case the participant has not reached the legal age in his state or province of residence at the time of entry, he/she must provide contact information about their legal representative in the registration form, who would also represent the participant in the event of winning the prize.


Team or legal entity entering the competition must indicate its representative upon submission of their competition entry. The representative of legal entity must have the legal authority necessary to participate as the representative of this entity (e.g. has to have the approval of appropriate corporate offices, executives or other persons who have the authority to approve the entry of Representative into this Contest). All contributors have to be listed or credited upon registration.

External developers:

External developers of the Organizer whose business relationships are based solely on a Framework Agreements or Individual Production Agreement can also take part in the competition. In the event of participation, the external developers are required to notify Bohemia Interactive a.s. using the common communications channels, e.g. by a direct message to their point of contact or an e-mail message. The Organizer reserves the right to ban any of the participating External developers from the Contest at its sole discretion.

The Rules of Entry are considered duly fulfilled if:

  • the registration form is fully completed,
  • the registration form includes affidavit of the underage Participant that he/she has an approval of his legal representative,
  • the registration form includes affidavit, that the Participant has the legal authority necessary to participate in the Contest as the representative of such legal entity,
  • the notification obligation of the External developers is fulfilled.


Registration is available at the Contest website (

By completing and confirming the registration the Participant:

  • enters the Contest and declares that all data he/she submitted in the registration are true, that he/she meets all Rules of Entry stated under the section “Participants and Rules of Entry” and provides an unconditional consent with these Contest Rules and with all the decisions made within and in compliance with these Rules and acknowledges that the Contest Rules are considered to be a binding Contract,
  • agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations,
  • agrees and consents to Sponsor’s collection, use and retention of his/her personal information for all purposes related to this Contest (including, without limitation, processing and administering entries, sharing an entrant’s personal information with Sponsor Related Parties as necessary to conduct and operate this Contest, communicating with and awarding the prize to the winner, making public announcements about the winner, and advertising, promoting and publicizing this Contest),
  • irrevocably and unconditionally grants to Organizer, on a royalty-free and non-exclusive basis, a perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, assignable, sublicensable, worldwide license to run, use, copy, reproduce, distribute, perform, display, exhibit, demonstrate, each of his/her entries in this Contest, for purposes related to this Contest, and via the Internet, electronic, digital, broadcast, theatrical, print, or any other communications media now known or hereafter developed, and in each case free of any and all restrictions and limitations whatsoever (except as imposed by law).

Requirements and Submission of Entries

  • Participants can submit any number of Entries in all categories.
  • Submitted Entries can be updated until the Submission is closed. The Organizer reserves the right to reopen the Submission after prior announcement, in the event of any issues deemed serious enough to warrant such actions.
  • All Contest materials will be published or will be directed through the Contest Website (

By submitting Entry, each Participant:

  • represents and warrants, with respect to each entry submitted by him/her in this Contest, that the entry submitted is the result of his/her own independent creation and does not contain any third-party works of authorship that have been used or copied without authorization or permission of their respective authors; his/her participation in this Contest does not violate any applicable laws or regulations or any rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks or rights or privacy or publicity.
  • agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Sponsor, its affiliates, and their respective employees, agents, representatives, contractors, service providers and professional advisors connected with this Contest (hereinafter collectively “Sponsor Related Parties”) from and against any third-party claims arising from or as a result of (i) a breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties by such entrant, or (ii) a breach or violation of any of the other provisions of these Official Rules by such entrant.

Any entry that is in breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties or is otherwise in violation of these Contest Rules will be deemed void and automatically be disqualified from this Contest.

Allowed Arma addons:

  • The Entries are allowed to require only the following third-party Arma addon: Community Base Addons (CBA) in its latest public version, installed in the standard way recommended by its authors.
  • The allowed Arma addons are not considered to be a third-party work for the purpose of the Participant´s representations and warranties.

Required obligatory parts of the Entry and their contents:

  • Total Modification - Modification of the game delivering new context of gameplay and setting represented by an array of addons and playable content. Total modification can focus on any type of gameplay (not all possible gamemodes need to be delivered), genre or setting.
  • Multiplayer Game Mode - Arma 3 multiplayer game mode (multiplayer mission). Only single instance (= 1 MP mission) of the game mode is allowed. The mission can use new addons (e.g. terrain, vehicles, weapons, scripts), but they must be submitted as part of the MP Game Mode.
  • Addon - Arma 3 addon providing the game with weapon, weapon attachment, vehicle, unit part, unit or any combination of the items mentioned in any extent. The addon must not require any third-party addons and must be fully playable in unmodified standard version of Arma 3, and its functionality must not depend on any other addon or modification.
  • Singleplayer Game Mode - Single-player game mode for Arma 3 in form of either a mission or a campaign composed of at least 2 missions, of any length, with any form and with focus on any aspect of gameplay. Entries must not require any third-party addons and must be fully playable in unmodified standard version of Arma 3. If voice-acting, videos, addons or similar campaign-related files are included, they must be part of the campaign addon PBO.
  • Language: The competition is announced and will be held in English. All text parts of the Entry must be provided in English. Localization of the Entries may also contain other language variations. Audio tracks containing speech in languages other than English, the requirement is met if such audio tracks are accompanied with English subtitles as part of their in-game presentation.
  • Readme file: Each entry should be accompanied by a text (either as submission comment added upon upload, in-game instructions, attached TXT file or combination of the aforementioned items) containing the basic instructions allowing end user to install the addon and access its features in game. If an Entry contains an allowed Arma addon or third-party works (e.g. music), or an Entry requires running in the Development branch of Arma 3, it must be listed in the readme or the Organizer needs to be notified about these facts during the submission of such Entry.

Reasons for exclusion from the Contest:

The jury will exclude from the Contest any of the submitted entries which:

  1. do not contain all requirements mentioned in these Contest Rules and in the registration,
  2. do not fulfil all the content requirements,
  3. do not comply with these official rules,
  4. have been submitted belatedly.

The Organizer reserves the right in its sole and unfettered discretion to disqualify any Entry that according to its beliefs contains obscene, offensive or inappropriate content, or that is not consistent with the spirit or theme of the contest.

Handling and promotion of Entries:

Authors can handle their competition entries freely according to Arma 3 EULA and conditions stated in the Contest Rules. As such, submitted entries, their updates or samples can be made publicly available by their authors at any time during the Contest, and authors are free to publicly inform about their entries and to promote them.

Method of submission:

The competing entries can be submitted only by using the methods of submission defined by the Contest Rules and only before the deadline specified.

The method of submission for all categories is the upload of entry to assigned folder in the MakeArmaNotWar DropBox. Alternative method of submission for Multiplayer Game Mode, Addon and Singleplayer Game Mode categories is a submission to Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

Evaluation of Entries and Selection of Winners

The Rules to obtain the Contest prize will fulfil such a Participant who submits the registration in compliance with these Contest Rules and receives the highest number of points from the Jury.

The placement of the awarded Contest entries will be determined at the discretion of the Jury based on free evaluation of the extent to which the individual entries meet the Contest criteria.

In each category, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded based on the selection from the respective groups of finalists.

Selection of Finalists:

The selection of finalists will be carried out based on score points obtained according to the Criteria stated in the third paragraph of this article. The Selection of finalists will be carried out by the Organizer.

In each of the following categories: Total Modification, Multiplayer Game Mode and Addon, 10 finalists will be selected.

The Criteria according to which the finalists will be selected from each of the categories Total Modification, Multiplayer Game Mode and Addon are determined as follows (each of the following categories is of equal value):

  • Technical quality: technical design, optimization and innovative solution of an Entry;
  • Originality: originality and innovation of an Entry's concept;
  • Experience: overall gameplay experience, balance of design and challenge presented by an Entry;
  • Presentation: coherence and consistency of an Entry's presentation in terms of functionality and expression.

In the category Singleplayer Game Mode, 20 finalists will be selected by general public evaluation.

No criteria are determined for the category Singleplayer Game Mode as the finalists will be selected on the basis of public voting. Entries in this category will be awarded according to the number of received votes. Voting in this category is public and based on the discretion of voters. Entries with the highest score will be put in a fixed order while the score is determined according to the differential between the positive points (likes) and negative points (dislikes).

Public voting will be launched on 31st March 2014 at 12pm (GMT +1) and will be held until the 31st October 2014, 12 pm (GMT +1).

Selection of Winners:

Selection of Winners from individual groups of finalists will be carried out by a Jury composed of representatives of the partners of the Contest, other independent individuals and the representatives of the Organizer.

Complete list of Judges will be announced on upon the Submission launch at the Contest Website.

Method of evaluation and decision-making:

  • Each member of the Jury will judge all finalist entries from each category.
  • Each member of the Jury will be given the same amount of score points to be distributed in each category.
  • The score points a Judge has available for a particular category could be distributed freely among any number of finalist entries of the category.
  • In categories Total Modification, MP Game Mode and Addon will be 10 score points available for each category. In category Singleplayer Game Mode 20 score points will be available.
  • Members of the jury have deadlines to provide their input; if not provided, the points will be provided by backup-men.
  • After individual evaluation of each of the members of the Jury, the score points received from each Judge will be summed up. The entry which receives the highest final score shall win.
  • If multiple Entries are awarded the same amount of points by the Jury, sum of prizes pertaining to particular positions would be equally divided among the Participants in a draw.

Special Award:

  • From all the Entries, members of the Jury representing the International Committee of the Red Cross will select an Entry covering the issues of health care in danger in the best way according to their personal opinion.>
  • Shall the quality of the Entry allow it and shall the Organizer be interested in utilizing of the complete execution of the Entry for commercial purposes, the Organizer will offer the Participant conclusion of a relevant contract (i.e. publishing agreement).
  • The decision of the Sponsor, ICRC and the Jury is final and binding on all matters relating to the Contest.


Following prize money will be awarded:

Total Modification

  • 1st Place: 200,000 EUR

Multiplayer Game Mode

  • 1st Place: 50,000 EUR
  • 2nd Place: 30,000 EUR
  • 3rd Place: 20,000 EUR

Addon - 1st Place

  • 1st Place: 50,000 EUR
  • 2nd Place: 30,000 EUR
  • 3rd Place: 20,000 EUR

Singleplayer Game Mode

  • 1st Place: 50,000 EUR
  • 2nd Place: 30,000 EUR
  • 3rd Place: 20,000 EUR

Health Care in Danger Special Award

  • One-week trip to an ICRC mission for 1-2 Participants organized by the ICRC.

Organizer reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to substitute any prize for one of equal or greater value.

Obstacles on the part of the Winners concerning the delivery or acceptance of the prizes as well as the rejection of the Prize by the Winner shall not constitute the Organizer’s or ICRC's responsibilities under these Contest Rules.

Prizes presentation:

  • The Winner of the Contest will be announced on the Contest website on 5th March, 2015. Within 7 days following such announcement, the Winner will be notified by the Organizer via e-mail provided in the registration form. To claim the prize, the Winner must do the following within 30 days from the date of the Organizer’s notification:
    • confirm receipt of the notification about the Win by e-mail; the confirmation must be sent from the same e-mail address to which the notification was sent; and
    • complete, sign and return a winner release form (as provided by the Organizer along with their e-mail notification about the Win) and such other required documentation (if any) listed in Sponsor’s e-mail notification (hereinafter collectively the “Required Winner Documents”), to the address: Bohemia Interactive a.s., Stříbrná Lhota 747, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czech republic.

Final provisions

Reimbursement of the expenses related to the participation in the Contest:

All Participants enter and participate in the Contest at their own expenses; the Organizer will not provide any reimbursements besides the awarded prize money. This does not affect the reimbursement of the Participants in case the Organizer withdraws the Contest for substantial reasons.

Applicable law:

The Contest is announced and governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, namely but not limitedly to the provisions of Sections 847 – 849 of the Act N°40/1964 Coll., Civil Code as amended, as well as by other provisions of relevant legislation.

Conflict resolution:

  • There may be no appeal against the decision of the Jury.
  • The prizes are not judicially enforceable.

Withdrawal from the Contest:

  • The Contest can be withdrawn from only for substantial reasons.
  • Withdrawal from the Contest will be realized and announced in the same manner as the announcement of these Contest Rules.
  • The Organizer reserves the right, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to terminate, cancel, modify or suspend this Contest, in whole or in part, if fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond the Organizer’s reasonable control impairs the integrity of this Contest as determined by the Organizer in its sole discretion. If this Contest or any web site associated therewith (or any portion thereof) becomes corrupted or otherwise does not permit entry, or if infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, actions by entrants, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes, in the Organizer’s sole opinion, corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper operation of this Contest, the Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion and to the extent permitted by applicable law, to disqualify any individual implicated in such action, and/or to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Contest, in whole or in part. Any attempt by an entrant or any other individual to deliberately damage any online service or web site or undermine the legitimate operation of this Contest is a violation of criminal and civil laws, and should such an attempt be made the Organizer reserves the right to seek damages and/or other remedies from any such person to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. In addition, the Organizer reserves the right to take down and remove any entry that becomes subject to a third-party claim for copyright infringement or for violation of any other right.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify or add to the Contest Rules. In such event, the Organizer will announce the modification of the Contest Rules by means of notification on the Contest Website.

Approval of the Contest Rules: These Contest Rules were approved by the Organizer in their final version 22nd October 2014.

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