Make Arma Not War



by Nashable

Defiance is a ARMA III Game mode that combines elements from the Zeus DLC and Team vs. Team (TvT) game play. Providing Arma 3's first ever FPS + RTS Experience.



  • Can be played as Single-player, CO-OP or Team vs. Team and even dynamically switching between those modes
  • Zeus AI for use in COOP and SP Modes
  • Multiple Zeus Roles (2 BLUFOR and 1 INDFOR) controlled by an in-game live voting system
  • Resource Regeneration and Upkeep System giving the game mode an RTS feel
  • Dynamic and Randomized Objectives. No game is ever the same twice
  • Asymmetric, balanced game design allowing for a different play experience based on the team you choose
  • Civilian based intel system for discovering objectives and being immersed into a living breathing battlefield that responds to your actions
  • Dozens of Mission Parameters allow heavy customization of the game mode without editing a single line of code

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