Make Arma Not War


Leper Island

by johnnyboy

COOP 1-10 mission. Find and Destroy IED backpacks on Leper Island. A large VBIED attack is imminent, and you mus stop it. Fast paced action with time pressure and lots of surprises.


Mission Design:  This mission is intended for a small group of players with limited time that want a fast, intense--and most importantly--FUN experience.

Mission Features:

  • Voice acting.
  • Challenging objectives
  • Randomization of objective placement for greater replayability and unpredictability.
  • Multiple Endings
  • Functioning Trawler
  • Special Effects
  • Surprises!
  • Choose time of day: Morning (daylight), Full Moon No NVGs, or Night with NVGs



None.  This mission requires no addons and plays on latest public version of ARMA 3.

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