Make Arma Not War


by {R3F} madbull

The [R3F] Logistics is a full logistics system : move objects, transport in cargo, airlift, tow and creation factory.


The main features are :

• Movable objects : the player can carry an object and walk with it.
• Transportable objects : objects can be loaded into vehicles or containers to transport them.
• Helicopter lift : light vehicles, containers, ammunition crates, etc. can be lifted.
• Towing : some objects, vehicles, aircraft and boats, can be towed to a vehicle.
• Creation factory : one or more creation factories can be used as a spawning system.

Each logistics feature can be added or removed on any object or vehicle. It is highly flexible and configurable.

This is a script system to be installed in a mission (no required addon).
It is MP and SP compatible, dedicated and non-dedicated server compatible.
Every content's addons is compatible with the logistics features.

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