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Wasteland [beta-Vishera]

by Marc "revide" Ahlers

A Wasteland mod which does not require any Third Party Addon but still is able to save your client data and having persistent options. Its focus is on stability and performance, with a great feeling and gameplay.



Private Version: 1.1.3b-testing
Public Versoin: 1.0.0b-stable

Why this Wasteland Mod?

  • Best performance in a Wasteland Mod (Benchmarks and detailed reports are coming)
  • Easy-HUD, everything you do is explained for you, but can be disabled if you are already an experiened User
  • Logistic: Take, Move, Place, Lock, Load, Pack, Lift, Tow Objects.
  • Tactical HUD: Resource saving way to give you the informations you need in a tight battle
  • Server-Side built in: You want to make a short play with you friends/clan? Just load the mission and go for it.
  • Regular Wasteland features, like gunstores...
  • Special name giving feature, which is yet to be announced
  • Complete Missions that start randomly and cover different operations such as Sector Control, Find and Secure, Find and Destroy and many more.
  • UAV hacking, special missions, integration
  • Balanced PvP and no overpowered vehicles nor weapons
  • Fast-Teamup: Invite your friends and start playing with a special HUD to help you stay clear in whats going on
  • Ingame-Help: Forgot a thing? Wonder whats possible as well? The ingame help offers help to every bit of gameplay concerning Wasteland
  • Many more, but too detailed to cover

Report bugs by adding me on steam and describing it!

Feature wishes or change wishes also through steam!


Enjoy this mission dedicated to the community!

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