Make Arma Not War


by Sli

Get Wrecked challenges players to create, customize, drive, survive and of course, destroy. It’s a prototype vehicle combat sandbox that’s designed for small games of up to 8 players.



If your plan is to build a 6 tonne monster, or perhaps a speedy attack quad; the only limit is your creativity. Junk piles offer common loot, while specialist items can be bought from the race sponsors. Once you’ve built your creation, it’s possible to both save and load it next time you play.


Leafy camo? No problem. A range of custom textures you to put the bling in your ride. For the competitive - weapons and tactical items can have custom keybinds, specific to each vehicle.

Drive & Survive

Once you’ve got your wheels, it’s time to let rubber hit the road. There are five custom race zones - Swamp, Downtown, Airfield, Wasteland and Salt Flat. Each zone favors different vehicle types and rewards experience, skilled driving and strategy.


At hand is a huge arsenal of weapons and assortment of tactical devices to make no game the same. Successful kills reward money equal to the value of the destroyed vehicle and the longer you stay alive your value accumulates.

Rinse & Repeat

Once you’ve got the cash, head back to the workshop. Aside from upgrades, its possible to purchase new vehicles from the terminal and more exotic weapons from the sponsor shops. 


Thanks to Steve IV, Lee, GoVeg, Grimple Poopenstein & Reazack for their patience, ideas and laughs during testing.

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