Make Arma Not War


by Sa-Matra

King of the Hill by Sa-Matra is a popular TvT multiplayer objective control mission. Featuring the entire arsenal of ArmA 3 weapons, gear and vehicles which is accessed through a persistent levelling and monetary system. To play the mission search "King of the Hill by Sa-Matra" in mission filter.


The mission features factions of BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent struggling for control over objectives by using all the means available to them including Infantry Weapons, Ground Vehicles, Tanks, Helicopters and even Jets. The persistent experience and monetary system balances the availability of heavy weaponry and vehicles, making the prospect of levelling up rewarding as players unlock new vehicles, equipment, gear and makes them care about survival of their in-game assets bought with hard earned in-game money. Perks also help players tailor their play style and can be used to aid your team or get more advantages yourself. The in-depth reward system registers each hit on enemy players and vehicles means that points for assisting in a kill are rewarded when the target is finally eliminated, insuring that everyone is credited for their contribution towards the team’s success. Levelling can be achieved through killing players or by supporting the team in a number of ways the reward scales with the difficulty of the task. A dangerous helicopter insertion into the capture zone will reward the pilot more, supportive players are rewarded for reviving their team-mates while players being revived are rewarded for their patience to get back into the fight. Levelling opens up access to more weapons, more scopes, more perks, more gear sets ranging from stock Rifleman up to Ghillie suits and Officer uniforms which you can switch at any time to suit your liking and current play style.
Used in mission: Shell Sort SQF implementation by rübe, BLUFOR Mohawk textures by KDK11, Yellow icons by Aaron Hooker. Used during development: Proving Ground by conKORD, cpbo by Kegetys.

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