Make Arma Not War


THE OUTFIT for Arma 3


This creation was inspired by THE OUTFIT, the classic game developed by Relic Entertainment. Control sectors and bases to unlock military assets and air-drop them into battle. Use Air-Drop on Demand to order reinforcements, static weapons, vehicles, tanks, artillery & air strikes and much more...


This is a fast-paced and intense close-range battle supporting up to 3 Vs 3 players.

The GOAL is to control the majority of the sectors causing the opposing team to gradually lose command points. The team with the highest command points wins. There is no respawn limit, but every time a player dies his side loses command points! Sectors provide you with respawn areas, reduce enemy command points and earn you money. Control bases such as the Armory, Radio Tower and Motor Pool to unlock game-changing modified ARMA 3 assets and use as them as respawn areas also.

Use the AIR-DROP ON DEMAND menu to order reinforcements, machine guns, anti-tank emplacements, vehicles, heavy armour, artillery barrages, air strikes and much more... Ordering from Destruction on Demand will cost you money. Money is earned by capturing sectors collecting gold cargo air-drops, killing enemy soldiers destroying their vehicles and emplacements. When you have been awarded enough money, simply bring up Destruction on Demand and mouse-wheel in your request. Your gear will be air-dropped into battle!

The ARMORY allows the purchase of upgraded weapons like AT, AP or AA emplacements. The MOTOR POOL enables players to purchase upgraded vehicles like tanks and armoured units. The RADIO TOWER allows you to purchase Air and Artillery strikes, and using the Wiretap will show you all enemy units for a limited time.

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