Make Arma Not War


Mare Nostrum

by Franco Marinelli

IT is a NON Profit project intended to make people better understanding of Migration toward Europe and aim to wake up worlwide attention to a very sensitive subject and to the tragedy of people who still lose their lives in the mediterraneum (“Mare Nostrum” in latin) .


“Mare Nostrum” is a military, logistical, organizational to save lives in the Mediterranean sea .Many forces in particular Italian Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, are employed against human trafficker and to give relief to men, women and children who flee or escape from desperate situations.

The project started from a realistic reconstruction of Linosa Island. A 2,5 square kilometers Island who have been carefully rebuild in a 1:1 scale and with a mesh resolution of 2 metres. Ground texture have been mostly made by direct photos on site in order to create the exact atmosphere of the Island. Bushes, coasts and even borders of cultivated lands have been populated with mask who can distiguish rocks from vegetation.  As far as the team knows it is the highest detailed map ever published so far of this dimension for Arma III.

In the mission players will be put in the difficult situation to choose among saving people in trouble or trying to capture human traffickers. Most important resources to win will be ethics and courage, not ability to shot.

We hope we demontrated that even a military simulation game as ARMA can be a non violent game and might me used to make people, expecially young generations, understanding that guns are not always to right "weapon".

Volunteer and professionals have given their time and work for this project. We intend to use large part of prizes and donations to make a non profit organisation.


An original composition "Paul and Arthur" and has been recently composed and granted to the project by the italian musician A.C: Dulzetto. 

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