Make Arma Not War


by McTimmy (John)

I'm trying to create a Destroyer for Arma 3


---------------------------------About the Project---------------------------------


Hello my "Name" is John and  I'm trying to create a Mod wich Includes a Destroyer with useable Weapon Systems. This is the first time, that I create a Mod or a 3D-Model, so it will take a lot of time tocreate the Mod for me.


---------------------------------Project Status---------------------------------


ALPHA [Working @the 3D Objects]


---------------------------------Mod Informations---------------------------------

The Destroyer is Build with an Arleigh-Burke Destroyer as Pattern but in the first Mod version there will be some Changes so that the Modeling isn't that hard for me(But you will recognize what for a type of ship it is when you see it in the game)

There will be working VLS-Cells also (when the Creator of the Mod allows it) a C-RAM a 27mm Gun and I will try to create a Torpedo launcher.

In the (I hope ;)) second version, I will add a walkable Bridge, where the player will have access to the weaponary and the moving controls.



---------------------------------Thanks to---------------------------------


My Team Members LD-Gamer and JasonBourne for helping me creating the Graphics and showing how a 3D-Modeling Software works :)

AND all my Supporters




Currently: Nope

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