Make Arma Not War


Full Contact Safari

by Grumpy Rhino

April 28, 2018. After a year of hostile peace between AAF and FIA, the conflict is about to explode as CSAT has begun to supply FIA with modern equipment. AAF prepares their armed forces for war, while the international community watches concerned from the sideline.


Full Contact Safari is a mini campaign, in which you play as Stan Bennett, a combat medic. The AAF is your allied in this campaign, where your goal is to defeat the religious group FIA. After receiving support from across the Mediterranean region, FIA is now a big threat to AAF.


You will be part of a marine platoon, using helicopters for fast insertion into the various battles.


The main focus of this campaign is the gameplay, which is focused on the player acting in a supporting role, mainly as medic, but sometimes also to be responsible for calling in airstrikes.



  • Medic system
  • Large squad battles
  • Air support
  • Black Hawk helicopters
  • Voice files from previous games in the Arma series




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