Make Arma Not War


Tough Call

by Daniel "granQ" Granquist

Everyday we need to make decisions but many times in war those decisions are a matter of death and life. Tough Call is a mission designed in order to give a short amount of challenging gameplay as well as highlighting some of these issues.


Playing as a squad leader tasked with clearing the a village, do you have the mental capacity to make the right decision. Lead your forces and see if you can solve the mission without breaking international law on wars.

In order to complete the mission the player needs to clear a town held by enemy forces and succesfully answer 3 challenges correctly.

The mission features 3 "laws of war" challenges, two are directly related to the mission and the last one requries the player to search some.

Topics includes

  • Prisoners of war
  • Proportionality and distinction
  • Aid workers

For someone that knows about the rules and regulations, these challenges hopefully isn't very difficult but the aim is for a younger audicance or those that aren't familiar with laws of war to reflect some and draw conclusions on their own.

The mission won't abort if you choose the incorrect answer instead the feedback comes at the end.

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