Make Arma Not War



by KingoftheSandbox

This is my Singleplayer and Coop mission "Lion Claw". In this mission British SAS units are striking tactical targets to prepare the landing of NATO ground troops. The gameplay focuses on stealthy gameplay, as its nature is a covered operation behind enemy lines.


Mentioned by the developers of Arma 3 in their sitrep and their facebookpage, i thought i send this piece in to participate.

A qoute from the devs in SITREP #0044:

Project Lead Joris-Jan van 't Land posted his Steam Workshop recommendation: 'Lion Claw' by KingoftheSandbox. His evaluation: "The author of this scenario uses various design tools to create a tense atmosphere: weather, time-of-day, fog and ambient combat or example. By applying the British radio protocols and character emblems, you also get a different experience to the more common American point of view. The scenario does not do something incredibly unique or new, but it nails the basics of Arma gameplay and is a lot of fun. Try egressing with your entire team in tact!"

MANW Update 1.60

Version 1.60 Changelog

- Added Strategic Map Feature
- Insertion via: Parachute, Mh-6 or civilian truck on different spots (replayability)
- adjusted position of the three outposts
- adjusted Kajman route and behavior
- added mines around the airfield

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