Make Arma Not War



A fast paced, last man standing game-mode.


PLAYERUNKNOWN`s Battle Royale: Ghost Hotel is a 1st person only, CQB version of the popular Battle Royale mod for ArmA 3. Based in the Ghost Hotel complex to the north-east of Altis, this mission pits you against up to 30 other players in a fast paced, close quarters, last man standing death-match. You find weapons, explosives and other loot spread randomly across the Ghost Hotel complex. Over the course of 20 minutes, the infamous blue circle, now visible to all players in-game, forces you together to find a winner,

The rules are simple, there can be only one. Everyone else must die!


  • Wating area while a round finishes.
  • Auto restart of the mission after 10 rounds have completed.
  • Spectator tools, resticted by PID.
  • Auto restart of rounds.
  • Map clean-up between rounds.



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