Make Arma Not War



by ZDROB Team

This is typical PvP sector control mission based on the ZDROB Engine. This objective of this mission is to have fair competition between the 2 sides.


The objective is to conquer all sectors or have a bigger score at the end of the game. A side gets one point every minute for every sector held.

The fight goes over five sectors with APCs, HMGs and light attack choppers. All equipment is balanced to have same chances on both sides. Vehicles like Gorgon and Helcat that are available on both sides have different camo so players can differentiate them.

Weapons and vehicles are restricted based on slot type choosen in the game lobby (only pilots can fly, only crewman can drive armoured vehicles, only RPG soldier can use AT, etc.). Some slots are only available when a minimum number of players are in the game. Multiple respawn points: bases, forward bases, squad rally points.

All restrictions, sector and base positions and defences are chosen to make the game as balanced as possible. Both sides have same chances to win.


No addons needed. ArmA 1.32 is enough to play this mission.

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