Make Arma Not War


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Operation Aegean Spear is a fictionnal conflict that takes place in Mediterranean islands. This campaign follows differents characters. It's designed to catch the old OFP spirit.


The story takes place in 2033 in alternate world than East Wind campaign.
It begins a few years after the Lybia conflict and the Israel-Iran war, and after the Jerusalem cease fire.
Things are quite calm in Mediterranean, as the main theater now appears to be in Pacific.
But everything will not go as planned...


-About 40 missions (more or less, it depends)
-Story driven campaign
-Something much more like OFP rather than Harvest Red or East Wind
-Player not always the leader
-Missions to teach the feature (like not put you directly as tank squad commander or team leader in mission 3 or 4)
-No addon needed
-Realistic gameplay (not a one man army as encountered in side mission in East Wind).
-The player will play NATO side exclusively
-Different roles:
 .Pvt Thomas Matthews - infantry soldier
 .Sgt James Anthony - SF operator
 .Lt Dan Mackall - tank crewman
 .Cpt Matt Anderson - chopper pilot
 .Cpt Andrew Warring - plane pilot

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