Make Arma Not War


by Rydygier

Semi-randomized, procedural and customizable mission with optional plot to follow. Your task is to find and take home the body of your brother who was killed recently on Altis - island terrorised by local warlords, brutal bands of mercenaries and other marauders of just burned out civil war.


The journey is the reward, if leads somewhere.


IMMERSIVE - you have a goal and you act for personal reasons

DYNAMIC - island populated and enlivened believeable, yet unpredictable by complex scripts

CHALLENGING - task isn't trivial and place isn't too friendly, so you have to grow in strength first and plan wisely

UNLIMITED REPLAYABILITY - you'll want to play this mission again and again. Highly addictive experience provided

FULL FREEDOM - non-linear story to follow. Entire Altis awaits. Goal is fixed, measures aren't. Decide and deal with consequences

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE EACH PLAY - many aspects wisely and widely randomized

THOROUGHLY​ CUSTOMIZABLE - initial settings, that allow to completely change the gameplay and adjust it to your own preferences

MOD FRIENDLY - uses custom content, if present, is designed to work with immersion, AI or visual enhancers.


Real pilgrimage is always a challenge. Real game is always a fun. I hope, this scenario will provide both. Enjoy!


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